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Buying Or Selling A Business

Purchasing or selling a business is a complex financial transaction. For the buyer, the purchase of a business may not be just an investment, it may also be the beginning of a transition to being an entrepreneur. For the seller, the sale may be the moment when he or she is realizing the benefit of the years of hard work spent growing the business.

No matter which side of the transaction, it is a major investment. Neither buyers nor sellers can afford to have anything go wrong with the deal.

Ensuring Your Expectations Are Met, Whether You Are A Buyer Or A Seller

Ensuring you receive what you bargained for in the purchase or sale of a business calls for experienced legal counsel that can help assure that all aspects of the purchase meet expectations, including:

  • Examining the finances of the business, in conjunction with other advisers, appraisers and accountants
  • Examining compliance with zoning ordinances, environmental, and other regulations or laws
  • Advising on a thorough inventory of assets
  • Review of potential tax consequences upon sale or purchase
  • Guidance on advantages to an asset vs. stock sale or purchase
  • Discussing options for structuring purchase price allocations among assets
  • Selling or buying the ongoing business separate from the real estate where the business is located

We will help you structure your business purchase or sale in the most advantageous way for you, including drafting, reviewing and negotiating purchase agreements.

Experienced Commercial Law Guidance To Help Ensure A Successful Business Transfer

At Schnell & Hancock, P.C., our Davenport and Rock Island lawyers understand what is at stake for those selling or buying a business. Such substantial transactions should not be undertaken without the benefit of experienced and skilled guidance that can help you avoid potential difficulties. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience working to help our clients successfully negotiate transfers of business ownership. Our commitment to detail and meticulous approach can help minimize the risk you face in your business purchase or sale.

Contact Our Lawyers For Help With Business Purchase Agreements

Let the attorneys of Schnell & Hancock, P.C., offer you the effective business law representation you need when selling or purchasing a business. To schedule an initial consultation, call 563-359-7112 or contact us online. From our Scott County offices, we provide legal representation throughout eastern Iowa and western Illinois.