Davenport Attorneys for Medicaid and Nursing Home Assistance

At the law firm of Schnell & Hancock, P.C., our Davenport and Rock Island lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience helping people with a range of legal issues, including those involving Medicaid planning. We know that many of our clients are concerned about paying for nursing home care. We offer the skilled guidance that people need to be able to secure the care they need.

Helping Seniors Qualify for the Assistance They Need

The costs of nursing home care can be prohibitive for many seniors. Often, however, the care that is available in a nursing home is a necessity for a senior. How does one reconcile these two facts?

Medicaid, also known as Title XIX, provides public assistance to people who meet certain financial guidelines to pay for nursing home care. One difficulty in determining eligibility for Medicaid benefits is understanding the limits on assets and income. A person with too much monthly income or assets that exceed a certain value is not eligible for Medicaid.

Skilled Guidance Regarding Title XIX Nursing Home Benefits

Our firm can help you analyze your situation and possibly secure Medicaid benefits to cover nursing home expenses. We help clients set up Miller trusts, when appropriate, to secure Medicaid benefits. These trusts can be used in limited instances for people who have more income than permitted.

We also assist people with planning for the possibility of nursing home expenses. We help build strategies that may allow you to leave certain assets and income for the benefit of your spouse and other family members.

Contact Our Lawyers for Assistance With Nursing Home Services

When you are concerned about how you will pay for nursing home care, our attorneys can help you explore all options to plan for your care. To schedule an initial consultation, call 563-359-7112 or contact us online. From our Scott County offices, we provide legal representation throughout eastern Iowa and western Illinois.